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Appendix is a small worm like vestigial organ found at the junction of the small and large intestines. We suddenly become aware of it when it gets inflamed and swollen. This phenomenon is called appendicitis and presents with sudden abdominal pain in the umbilical area to start with and subsequently settling down in the right lower quadrant of the abdomen. This is essentially a clinical condition and ultrasonography and CT scans of the abdomen may not contribute to diagnosis. These tests are still done to rule out any other abdominal pathology other than the appendix. Although the majority of these appendicitis resolve with medication , most will require an operation in the form of laparoscopic appendicectomy. This is once again a day-surgery procedure. For further more details, Contact Dr.Patta Radhakrishna has a best experience in surgery of the appendicitis, at Sims hospital in Vadapalani, Chennai.