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Protrusion of abdominal contents like omentum or the intestine through an anatomical defect especially in the groin region. These present as progressively increasing swelling which increases in size on abdominal straining and sometimes descending into the scrotum. Most often straining while passing motion, straining while passing urine, chronic cough or lifting heavy weights can pre-dispose to hernia formation. Rarely the hernia can get obstructed and suddenly become extremely painful and will require emergency surgery. But otherwise all inguinal herniae will require surgical correction. Presently laparoscopic hernia repair is the most commonly practised and scientific operation. This operation is performed as a day-surgery procedure with the patient staying in the hospital for less than 6 hours. For further more details, Contact Dr.Patta Radhakrishna has a best experience in surgery of the inguinal hernia, at Sims hospital in Vadapalani, Chennai.