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Day Surgery is defined as the performance of a surgical procedure that occurs without overnight admission of the patient prior to or following the surgery. Patients undergoing day surgery attend specialized, "stand alone" day surgery centers or units attached to a hospital. All of these units provide high standards of care. A wide variety of procedures are performed as day surgery including ear, nose and throat surgery, gynecological procedures, gastrointestinal surgery, and plastic surgery.

Since the 1970�s there has been a dramatic increase in the number of procedures that are carried out as ambulatory (day) surgery. Across developed countries it is estimated that 50% of all surgical procedures are being carried out on an outpatient basis. There are many advantages to the use of day surgery � a faster throughput of patients and a fixed time for surgery, reduced demand for night and weekend nursing staff, reduced waiting lists, savings in hospital costs, a shorter wait for children and older people, minimal disruption of normal routine, and less costs for the family of thepatient.2 However, there are also disadvantages to day surgery, such as complications if patients are discharged too soon after anesthetic.

These include nausea and vomiting, inadequate pain control, insufficient rest at home and the imposition of burden on family members and community services. These possible complications make it especially important that all aspects of day surgery are carried out as meticulously as possible. These aspects include preoperative care, care during surgery, postoperative care including monitoring and assessment, discharge, and follow up via=telephone post-discharge.

Laparoscopic surgery key hole surgery is a recent innovation and involves specialized technical expertise but leaves the patient with very little pain. Laparoscopic day surgery is a relatively new phenomenon and very few centers in the world have adopted this especially for the removal of gall bladder, appendix, correction of inguinal hernia etc.. on a day care basis. This has not come into wide practice in India as yet. For further more details, Contact Dr.Patta Radhakrishna has a best experience in day surgery, at Sims hospital in Vadapalani, Chennai.