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Achalasia of cardia is a motility disorder of the esophagus characterized by non-opening of lower end of esophagus resulting in esophageal dilatation and intractable vomiting. Barium swallow, esophageal manometry and endoscopy confirms the diagnosis. Patients will be unable to swallow food with food getting stuck in the throat, continuous vomiting and because of it progressive loss of weight. Balloon dilatation, Botox injection help in some patients but in a reasonable number of patients permanent cure occurs only with surgery in the form of laparoscopic Heller�s Cardiomyotomy along with a Tor�s fundoplication. This procedure involves cutting of the muscle of the esophagus and releasing the narrowing. This procedure can also be performed as a day surgery procedure. For further more details, Contact Dr.Patta Radhakrishna has a best experience in surgery of the Hellers cardiomyotomy, at Sims hospital in Vadapalani, Chennai.